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Beautiful patio 74! At the old house I had put in a slate sidewalk set in 3/4″ stone. It had gotten ratty looking after many years and so when readying the house to put on the market I ripped it up for a new brick sidewalk to go in. I saved all the slates and hauled them to the new house for some future project, which turned into giving them to a new friend up here to build his own patio. No good deed goes unpunished as they say and when my wife saw how nice the new brick walkway came out at the old house, she wanted the exact same sidewalk at the new house to replace an extremely ratty looking one that was there. I took up the old one brick by brick figuring they’d come in handy for something, and eventually they did in the form of a border around the gazebo and greenhouse, eliminating the need to weed whack around them, and then between the house and the heat pump units, again eliminating the need to weed whack those spaces. I’ve still got a couple hundred left in a pile in the garage for something else that comes along.

The spirit of freecycle that Tolik posted, at the transfer station in my old town there was a spot that folks would leave books for the taking. I brought home more than a few useful, history, or classic books from there. Where I live now the transfer station guys will leave things out that might be useful to someone, and much of it gets taken. I had started saving egg cartons at one point and had a pile of about 50 when I learned a neighbor who was raising chickens needed some, so I just dropped them off one day and became a customer when they started selling eggs (only $2 a dozen!). Over the years I have given many useful (by someone else) things away that I saved in that manner.