Mr. Red
Mr. Red

In a world of the nature that we all prepare for, sometimes we may be put into a position in which we must not look at our moral compass. There is a fine line between helping someone and putting yourself at risk, and that risk many times will not be worth the reward (or lack there of).

So, say you do manage to grab someone who has been shot by a sniper in the street. What next? It obviously depends on the wound, but also if you are willing to give up what may be a dwindling supply of medical supplies to aid in helping of someone you may not even know, not to mention the fact that the wound may be of such that you nor anyone in your family/group are able to aid this person.

Basically, in my opinion, it comes down to “is it worth risking not only my life, but as well as my family/people, to save this person. Would it be worth attempting to stop the blood loss and patch this person up, using the only what we have on hand, doing only what we can do”.

As much as it sucks, and as hard as it would be, for someone that isn’t of my group, or someone who doesn’t possess skills or knowledge that we could use, the answer would be no. And that is a very hard choice to make. It’s different if someone is shooting at you, and you’re shooting back. But knowing that you COULD save a life, but watching that life slowly drain away is much like playing god. And we’re no god.

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