Things are falling apart. In the last week we have had two full days of electricity. The last three days our area had a few hours of electricity very late at night. They give a little bit in the middle of the night when people are sleeping.
I go to sleep early and do my washing and computer work in the early hours of the morning. … well, Dark Africa. I had to drive through busy streets on Friday night. I was pleasantly surprised to see that traffic was heavy but everybody stopped at every single crossing – carefully taking their turn. Most of the shopping centres lit up and functioning. Will stick to the good neighbourhoods.
I disconnect the electrical appliances as soon as the electricity goes off. When it comes back on I re connect it all on again – prevents it from getting damaged by spike in electricity. Hope I will be able to keep it up. I’ve changed my freezers setting to the coldest. It is scary to buy more food in case the electricity does not come back.
We are used to not having electricity for short periods at a time – we are adapting slowly. But the economy is spiralling down…