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This is too funny c. I have that exact same grill since the late 80’s I think, except mine still works. Similar to your reuse, when we replaced the kitchen counters in the old house after I ruined one with a candle burn, I saved the straight pieces and have reused them in my current basement putting them on top of the old bathroom vanities that I saved when we remodeled our current house. I have all of my paint & stain cans on the counter tops and all of the associated painting/staining supplies below in the cabinets. I even hung the old medicine cabinets above them to hold the little cans.

I save old towels for use as rags and old sheets for use as drop cloths. All of the smaller pieces of scrap lumber from the renovations were saved for use as kindling. :Larger pieces of wood were kept for odd projects that come along. What I don’t do is keep a junk pile outside anywhere. Fortunately I have a detached 3 car garage with an upstairs to it (cross between barn & garage) which in combination with my basement, greenhouse/potting shed, and wood storage space gives me lots of storage. I keep my property looking kind of park-like.