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My husband would say, every household should have an organized junk heap. Finding ways to reuse items that would be tossed out in a normal household is a good practice for an uncertain future… plus reusing items saves money… and having to make the money in the first place. Getting into the habit of going to the junk heap before driving down to the store changed our lives. Here’s one example of taking an old barbecue and transforming it into a potting bench.


I’m working on two projects right now. It takes time to figure these re-purposing projects out but I think they are good practice for an uncertain future.<br>
1. I have old wool socks that get so full of holes that they can’t be repaired. Normally, people would just throw the old socks out but the upper part of the socks are always in good condition. I have cut off the leg part of the sock and cut the tube down the side. I will try sewing three of these pieces together to make a wool neck warmer for skiing.<br>
2. I have a old pair of wool army pants that are coming apart at the seams everywhere. These pants have given me four years of hard use and I can’t seem to keep ahead of the seam repairs. (I have recently found another two pairs of these exact pants used.) I am thinking of cutting up the pants and making a haversack with the two cargo pockets. This would also give me repair materials for the other three pairs of pants.

PURCHASING MOTTO: I try to get away with buying very little. I always look to the used market before buying from the new market. When I do buy, I’m very careful of the quality. I avoid buying any item that will increase my waste stream in my household. When I do buy consumables with packaging, I choose the consumable with packaging I want and will be reusing in the household: buckets, pails, glass containers, etc. I try to reuse everything before I consider throwing it out. I don’t hoard, but I think having a junk pile to scavenge from is a good practice. I’m looking more and more towards natural materials in my local bioregion for solving my problems.

I was wanting “specifics” but your generalities are VERY Useful! Glad you checked in here, Miss C!

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