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Roadracer wrote:

Traveling extensively for work has allowed me to build up a great supply of toiletries. Not only for personal use, but in a SHTF scenario they will make for great barter items. Most hotels replace the items every day. So a three day trip can yield a pretty good stash. My wife used to make fun of me, until someone we know had an emergency, we were able to put a kit together for them that carried them for a couple of weeks. She is now a believer.

I do not travel much, but it’s a great Micro-Prep!
SAVE ANYTHING that can be an SHTF Item! I store items in 5 gallon buckets, and if you cannot get the free ones, WalMart has them pretty reasonable. Lids, too.

Good Points, Whirli
I got that covered, but thanks for bringing it up. Mice and rats can chew through anything that is not metal, BTW… so extra measures are needed. Poison, Traps, cats, rat terriers… etc

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