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You can greatly extend the life of all your filters with a pre-filter, using large sections of linen and cloth… it will get most of the particles and muddy sediment. The older Berkey Black filters removed viruses, due to the silver in the filters. These are also cleanable. 10,000 gallons (or 38,000 l) per filter.

Re: OIL, good thoughts, fellas! I will add that to my knowledge base.

Perhaps the last current Micro-Prepping thing I do, it’s still basically FREE and even offers a future increase, is coin roll hunting, but on the Micro-level. There is no real cost, if you just search your pocket change. But now is the time to do it, sort out the copper pennies. Save Nickels. Both of these coins will not only retain their FULL FACE VALUE, but copper pennies are already worth Double, and Nickels are really close to 5¢ and were worth almost 8¢ when Copper was over $4/pound and nickel was $10/pound. (2008) This is FREE Savings, unless you go out and buy rolls for searching. If you do Nickels, watch for the 1942-45 Silver War Nickels. They are worth a lot more :D

I have over 40# of Copper Cents, and just a few nickels because I cashed them in. Just the garden variety nickels, I kept the Silver and old numis.

Copper Cents (pennies) are mid-1982 and older. If you find a 1983 copper cent, it is worth about $15,000 to collectors, so check the 83 cents for the copper “RING” sound they make when bounced on the table.
Copper Cents weigh 3.1 grams, the zinc clad cents are 2.5 grams. I can practically feel and see the difference. Seeing an evenly copper oxide coated (patina) penny is a good indication it is Copper. Very few of the zinc cents will be colored this way, dissimilar metals and all that…

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