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chicago (maybe) will be the next false flag
this time (maybe) will be blamed on ISIS
( like 911 blamed to that rebel that hide in cave )
why ?
at least two major “facilities” are in Chicago
1. CME ( Chicago Merchantile Exchange )
because the elite are desperate enough with gold “repatriation” ( venezuela, germany, swiss almost do that, or maybe belgium will ask for their gold ) also more important china, india “demand”.
they cannot supress gold and silver price without gold and silver “stockpile”
but now the gold and silver stockpile are gone, so they must blame someone that “ruin the precious metal market”
oh and to bury their “scandal” about commodity price suppression scheme by CFTC
2. the biggest internet hub are in Chicago
why internet ?
yup because internet give people “power”
the elite cannot control internet like controlling TV or Radio or Newspaper
so when internet are threat to them… they must be shut it down
oh by the way… it also pave the way to the future
yup Martial Law…
to cleanup the sheeple
and “disarm” or hit hard the “terrorist” that call them self “patriot”
next ?
just old fashion way… but this time more destructive
WW3 with lot of nuke strike one each other
to clean up the “book”
and pave the new… world order