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glass! i save glass! glass can be used for defensive purposes… marbles too! some bad guy creeping up your driveway? throw a nice big box of broken glass or marbles out and im sure that would discourage any intruder…you can use some of that JB Weld and put broken glass on top of your block fences, cause it would really suck for a bad guy if he put his hands up on top of your fence trying to hop over and was sliced and diced with a nice broken glass surprise…<br>
nails, boards, screws, pretty much any kind of building material would be convenient…

im just trying to think outside the box here, i hope these suggestions are helpful!

In India, many of the residential compound block/brick/stone/stucco walls and all the military base walls we saw were built with large shards of broken glass sticking out of the top. Obviously it works…like razor wire.