Whirl is right.

Pre SHTF, even if you post all over the place that your digs are booby-trapped, you are still liable for any injuries sustained.

Famous case some time ago. Store owner kept getting burglarized over and over. His insurance dropped him. He refused to close shop. One more burglary, and he was out of business.

So, he rigged a booby trap pointed at the window where most of the break-ins took place. Posted signs all over about booby traps. Some Orc came through the window and got his head blown off. Signs didn’t matter. Dude went to jail.

Anti-personnel devices are as old as humanity. That said, some are better than others. Some take some forethought and work.

There are books devoted to the subject. Some are actual scholarly works. Some are put together by any yay-hoo with a word processor and time. Some are military grade. A thorough interwebz search should yield some decent starting points…

I cannot reiterate enough Whirl’s warning – in a PRE-SHTF world, booby traps will get you thrown into the Gray Bar Hotel for an extended stay. In a POST-SHTF world, they’re a good idea bordering on mandatory…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1