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The problem with the booby traps is that it will only help slow down the home invasion but if the they have a weapon you will need to defend your self. These booby traps will make the criminal very mad. They are good if you are armed. They can slow them down but remember that it will make them mad too.

So you need to be ready to defend your self.

Now about the booby traps, it all depends on were you thing they are going to come in. Is it throw the window? Is your window made of wood or aluminum? How does your window open, up and down or sideways?

Do you think they will be coming in throw your front door, back door or bed room door?

All questions that will help everyone here give you some ideas on what type of booby trap to use.

Also remember what I had said before, you need a weapon. Maybe a baseball bat or a knife. The knife can be any type of knife.