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in reply to Mr. Freedom,
of course i have plenty of knives and bats around the house, my parents simply do not believe in the use of firearms.. and i cant change that nor will i try…i feel this: yes, when SHTF we will be vulnerable, we will have to rely on close family friends with guns to protect us and i do not like that one bit. But on the other hand, the man who came in my window wanted nothing to do with me…if you broke into a house expecting nobody to be in it and was met with a 230 pound varsity linebacker, you would probably turn tail and leave as well…the man was totally unaware that i was home…sure, i could have grabbed a knife, ive got numerous laying around, but was it necessary? i feel like it would be excessive to whack the guy in the head with a crowbar or stab him with a knife. Now, if the guy broke in, saw me, and came at me…i would have killed him without hesitation…in this situation i dont think killing the guy would be reasonable…i dont know the poor mans situation, it obviously wasnt good…breaking into houses to support a family or a drug addiction is pretty low.

Heres my counter to me owning a long gun: in this situation, close in, with neighbors houses not 20 feet away, it seems unnecessary to take the risk…if i even had the time to get at a rifle or shotgun, in such close quarters, it would be unnecessary wouldnt it? he could turn it on me, i could miss and risk a stray bullet hitting my neighbor or his dog, i still cant even imagine how i would even get a long gun out in time to even get close to pulling the trigger….

i do know how to shoot and i shoot often. family friends take me all the time as they feel an extra shot can be useful when SHTF..granted it will be their weapon and ammunition, they understand that it would be beneficial to the groups survival if i know how to handle and operate a weapon…

again, i love this feedback and im learning alot here, thanks so much for the replies :)

"I'd be a dumbass if i didn't plan for EVERY contingency"