Okay, do a bit of searching for information on the Amish and Mennonite communities.

For grid down, the Amish take the xake.
Wood and propane fired stoves, propane or oil lamps, hand or mechanical tools and such.

The Mennonites use power, just not much.
Generally just lightibg only.

The full size ammonia fridges and freezers are available, try Lehmans.com for ideas.

Solar can be great, there’s a little cabin 30 miles or so from here that’s fully solar, but the owners are snowbirds and don’t spend the bad season here.

Personally, I’m looking into a small welder genset. Company here rebuilds them and the small units put out more than enough power for our house without going off idle. And at that speed a gallon of gas will go a long way.
And I could weld if I had to.

The cost of the genset and gas are initially high but compared to going solar, and converting the house, its cheap.

Considering that we haven’t had an outage here in a long time, I’m a lot more comfortable with this and city power, especially as the gas is multipurpose and with the grocery discount only $2 a gallon after shopping.

Is this limiting, to some extent, but its about living not making life difficult for no reason.