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I already own the home, so it would be like converting it. Malgus we are looking into your ice house. I think we could actually do that, also thanks for the link to the solar power posts. That will be very helpful.

We have a pressure cooker, and plan to can anything we have in the summer. I have two freezers as we prefer frozen food to canned food, because it’s healthier, but I guess until the root cellar, ice house, and spring house are made it will have to suffice.

I looked at your page c and it sounds like you went through the whole deal I did. I was under investigation for breast feeding a 4 month old because the state said breast milk was not considered suitable infant food since it was not scientifically proven to be food for infants. Luckily our doctor dealt with them for us. I wasn’t even on any medications, I didn’t drink caffeine, and I kept a very clean diet, yet they demanded testing for nutrients and such of my breast milk to prove it was food for an infant. Of course, I live in Arkansas which says a lot about the education around here. Of course, we also homeschool now.

Mountain Biker we intend to smoke some of our meats, but only home smoked foods without nitrates. I am allergic. I intend to have my food prepared how my ancestors ate. That means jerked and smoked in a hollow log with hickory chips. The only way we can do an ice house here is if we freeze them in the winter like that teacher lady does.

Generators are too expensive. For a little one like I used in 2009, it’s almost a grand and gas is almost $3 a gallon. 10 gallons only last about week on conservative use. Everyone uses generators here, so when the power goes out, they price gouge everyone. My husband and I looked into generators after 2009 and decided it wasn’t worth the price, when we could have solar for a little more. I mean it was a life saver and would be short term, but we really want a permanent solution. With everything going how it is, it could be months next time. I know my little co-op is doing everything it can to handle the increased pressures, which face it are a lack of power buying options, a higher load, old equipment that needs replaced, damaged equipment, and increased summer temps. I just don’t like the fact that they are already planning outages in the summer when it is December. That means they know they can not handle the load that they anticipate.

Our home is small already. We plan to switch to a propane on demand water heater that is backed up by solar water heat and wood burning in the winter. This will be a lot of work, so if any body could point me towards some plans for the solar part, I would be greatful. (Solar as in tubes on the roof to be heated by the sun) We also plan to have that ice house with a spring house below it for any melt water to run off into and for keeping cheeses cool. We live on the side of a hill, so really we just have to dig in. All meats will be smoked or jerked until we can get a solar freezer, a propane freezer, or an actual working ice house. All veggies will go into the baby root cellar, which will be one or two coolers in the side of our hill under about 3 feet of dirt. I garden, so most of the food is used that day or frozen. So I will probably have to get a lot of canning done this year as opposed a lot of freezing I did last year.

When was the last time you went without electricity, running water, food, and had babies screaming for food...now you know why I prep. These are the things a mother's nightmares are made of.