<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>oldfatguy wrote:</div>The 45-70 cartridge (like its cousin, the 444 Marlin) is a POWERFUL cartridge for hunting or defense. If you’re a handloader and want to use the heaviest possible bullets, select a Marlin lever gun. Theirs is the strongest action (as well as the Browning lever gun), and most manuals have special loading specs for them. They can reach 600-800 yards in the right hands, and a 300 gr. .458 bullet will easily cycle through the lever action, heavier bullets require feeding one at a time. If you want or need a scope, they eject brass from the side, not top like the weaker Winchester action. My suspicion is that they will defeat most body armor.

Several things.

The 1895 Marlins will safely handle 405+ grain bullets, its the 500s that are too long when seated normally in the case, however you can deep seat them and they will them work through tje action.

The 1886 action is actually a stronger action than the Marlin. Especially the modern steel versions made recently.

The .444 isn’t as versatile as the .45-70, the rifling and commonly used pistol bullets really limit it.

The .45-70 may not defeat armor, but what gets hit will certainly notice it. An icicle of kevlar is unhealthy when it pushes into one.