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The anti-gun organizations have always played with the real numbers which are all in the FBI reports. They do not like the FBI data numbers. They also do not like that driving a car kills more then 2X the amount that guns do. Also if you look at the FBI data numbers and subtract the gun shooting that are from criminals the number of non-criminals crime is so low that the anti-gun groups do not like them at all and will not talk about them.

I have not seen much manipulation on the pro gun groups, if there is any please post a link of the statements so we can read them. Now the anti gun groups are manipulating many cases, including calling semi auto a machine gun, I see this all the time. I always tell them when you can stop all drugs from coming into this country and have all criminals turn in there guns and the government give up there guns too then we maybe able to talk about the people giving up our guns. Will not happen!

If you look up home invasions in the FBI all the big cities have at less one per day or more in cities like Chicago.
I only look at the FBI reports even tho some are not reported as home invasions and reports as only robberies.
I know of one here that happen six blocks from me three years ago that was never reported because I can’t find it. This home invasion they got two old people duck taped them (mouth too) and left the to die. So some are categorized in another area in the FBI records.

But if all the true FBI criminal reports were on the news media the public would see the true light of what is really happening. But since the news media is also left wing anti gun they will never do that.