There’s other options re: keeping food from spoiling. Think sideways.

Einstein’s refrigerator. Uses ammonia as a coolant in a sealed system. Most times, you find these in use on RV’s and such. They’re also popular with people who are off-grid, and they can come pretty big. Most use a battery or propane as a heat source to help force the evaporation of the ammonia, but with temps like you have where you live, I don’t see why you just can’t use the heat of the day for evaporation. Silent, no moving parts and, so long as the system stays sealed, no maintenance…

Old school ice house. You have to build a box within a box, heavily insulated between the two and then covered in earth. The way it used to be used, was during winter, ice was sawn up into blocks from frozen lakes and rivers. These were piled in ice houses and insulated with sawdust. Layer of sawdust, then ice, then sawdust, till the room was filled all the way round with ice blocks. Food goes down the center on shelves. This will keep the room’s temperature at a steady 32 F during the warm seasons (spring, summer, fall), depending on how well insulated the room is, how much earth is covering it, how many times you use it (letting in warm air), etc…

Just sayin’… if something’s blocking your path and you can’t go through it, go under, over, or around it…

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