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TheyCallMeMoose, I think you did excellent!

Most sneak thieves just want to steal something that they can sell easily for money. Sneak thieves enter homes that they think are not occupied… and will run at the slightly thing. Actually, a old neighbor of mine surprised a sneak thief during a break-in and the thief was so scared he had a bowel movement on the pavement outside the house! We all laughed about that!

Now, a home invasion is a totally different animal. These people will come when they know people are home. For example, they will bust through a front door when someone comes to answer it, after they have knocked. (Home invasions are very rare, and ironically, are the most rare in countries that allow private gun ownership. For example, the UK has higher level of home invasion compared to Canada or the US. It was this data about home invasion that chanced my beliefs about private gun ownership.)

A home invasion is an extremely dangerous situation. These people are there to torture, rape and possibly murder the family while taking there time doing it in a private location (the family home). Sorry, for being so graphic… Some people suggest having a “safe room” where the family would flee to. This is likely the only situation I could ever image using lethal force. I would do it to protect my girls from being gang raped by a group of men… Or I would die doing so.