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Aukxsona, from what you have said, I would suggest getting a gas powered generator (cheap) and keep an appropriate amount of fuel for twice the length of the longest power outage (cheap). This would avoid the problem of the power outage destroying your frozen food stores. Do turn off the breakers in your house that are not needed and conserve energy during these outages. With practice you’ll get good at it.

If you don’t already have one, buy a pressure canner (cheap). This would be the back-up plan. If you decide the particular situation requests it, the generator gives you some time to pressure can your frozen stores.

Sorry, to here your fears about the state giving you trouble with your children. Wasn’t the government supposed to be there to help mother’s with small children, not terrorize us? :(

It’s happening all over. Just know you are not alone or unjustified with your fears. Here’s what happened to me. Bastards: http://eatkamloops.org/funny-troubles/.