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The min. wage should be by city and state not by the federal government. Someone in New York City has a hard time on a min. wage but in many small cities and many states the min. wage is OK, not great but OK.

So again the idea is to let the states and cities regulate the min. wage.

Uncle Goldman Sachs looks like is in the drivers seat controlling and moving the price of gold and silver. But remember that they are the same players(Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo) they are all the same!

The cities will be bad but please remember that the government has plans in place for everything including the small towns and farmland. Do not thing for a minute that you are safe just because you live in a small town.

In the end they need the small towns and farmland to produce for them the food so they will take control of all lands. Study history of all the countries where a dictatorship happen. Dictators control all the production of food even if the production goes down to 25% they do not care, they want food for them and there troops. They do not care if the people die of hunger. The believe that food = control so a very small amount of food to the people will control the people. All the people will be thinking about everyday is where and how much food the government will give them that day. Total control. So they will take over your small towns!