I’ve looked into solar, plus wind backup and a battery bank… the deep cycle batteries used by golf carts. But, you need some type of special charger to make sure you don’t overcharge the batteries because it shortens their useful life… about 10 years max is what you would expect to get out of a bank of those batteries.

Converting to solar with a wind backup can be done – and probably will be done – just to stick my thumb in the eye of the State. All of our power stations are coal fired. All of them. There isn’t a nuke plant within 500 miles of us, probably. But, with Dear Leader’s War on Coal going on, we will never have any more plants built… the number of operational plants will stay the same, or decrease. There is no other option.

Which means my electric bill is going up because of one small groups ideology that I don’t agree with, and their political agenda that’s being foisted on me.

Sorry to go all political, but it’s an issue. You can’t talk about electric bills and going off grid without the political component… they made it that way, not me.

I’ll probably go off grid, if only for my own personal satisfaction, and to hell with the cost. The State will get nothing, and like it.

There was a thread posted some time back that listed everything you needed – by name, number and estimated cost – to go off grid. I don’t remember the thread name, but I’ll try to look it up and post it… it might help you.

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