Best advice is to turn off the fancy glowing picture box and go back to work…

It is good to save. It is normal to save, especially if you are getting older. It is very wise to be prepared and have the necessary things in place if you have got children that depends on you. It is good to have the will to survive – the will to protect your family and your country.

Why do people feel threatened by survivalist? Because they can not be controlled like puppets.They think for themselves and work towards being independent. Not paying the electricity bill because there ain’t one to pay.

Many poor people are forced to cope with what they’ve got. To make a plan with that empty bottle or broken down vehicle. How to treat illness with next to nothing. They need to move to bad neigborhoods and survive the crime. To laugh at them, thinking how discusting they are .. without knowing what they know – that is stupid ! They’ve got experience in survival..