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If we had a Depression, without Snap, without WIC, without heat assistance and checks for section 8, we would have a huge problem.

Do you think the government is unaware of where the highest amount of needy would be? If the trucks stopped rolling tomorrow, the cities would be in shambles by the weekend. Cities are by definition a resource sink. Anyone in a city would have a tough go of it, without government assistance, without electricity, without supply trucks rolling in every week.

The government knows where these places are. Have you noticed how city police have all the gear. Where I live, they have a glorified bronco and that is the extent of their Homeland security. Our population is 2k and a lot, like most people, live for hunting, fishing, gardening, and canning. School is out of session for the first day of deer season. The government isn’t bothering us with Swat teams, helicopters, semi-automatic rifles on our police. They live in harmony with us here in the boondocks, because most of us are not going to be a threat if there are disruptions. Most people will pull together.

In the city it will be different. Once that debt clock ticks it’s final tock and time has run out on Uncle Sam’s ability to pay the debt on his bonds, things will get hairy in a hot minute. There will be no imports. That means no luxury goods like Mercedes Benz, but also some pharmaceuticals. Prices may shoot to astronomical levels. We here, where I live, just approved a min. wage increase of a modest dollar. I hear in other states min. wage is 13 dollars an hour. That’s a full 2 dollars more than my husband is paid, and that is considered high pay here. It may become a race of who can keep min. wage up or there will be a lot of empty shelves in stores where min. wage is not kept with inflation.

If min. wage does keep up with inflation, we may get hyper inflation, especially if we keep printing dollars to pay the money we owe on our bonds. What then? Will gold be the only real money? The pound? Sterling?

I suspect then things will turn for the worst in ways we not foresee.

When was the last time you went without electricity, running water, food, and had babies screaming for food...now you know why I prep. These are the things a mother's nightmares are made of.