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Sorry but I have two teenagers 19 and a 14 year old, the two know how to handle a gun and know where they are if and only if they are in danger. Also if you do not have a gun then a baseball bat will do you a lot of good to have next to your bed. When I was 14 years old I already owned a small pocket knife that I had in my bedroom and was told never to take it anywhere. So you do have options.

I do not think you have any flaws. I think that if your parents do not own a gun then your family may have a problem when the SHTF times comes to protect them self’s. No parent wants there children to starve or die of thirst but if they are not ready for what is coming you will have a problem. They need to prepare by storing food and water and own some weapons if not a gun then another type of weapon. Criminals will have guns and will use them when the SHTF..