I have no experience with Millett, other than their rings (which I’m satisfied with).

It does not mention what kind of reticle you are going get… or if there are options.

Me, personally, I prefer Mil-Dots. An excellent ranging system, if you know how to use it. IF you get one with Mil-Dots, I would highly recommend the Mildot Master.


Since I’m a belt-and-suspenders type of guy, I would train in the use of Mil Dots, but use them to backstop a good laser rangefinder. Like a Bushnell Fusion Arc 1600 or the Bushnell Elite 1600 Arc… they’re good to 1600 yards. But remember, no matter how good your LRF is, it won’t work in all conditions. It’s best to be competent with both. It only takes about 10 mins to MilDot an accurate range to target vs converting the distance into a known-click adjustment.. they’re handy, but not 100%.

Don’t forget your shot book, range card, write in the rain stuff, taping your comeups on the left side your stock with acetate (for waterproofing), binos, LRF, etc…

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