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74: I will definitely do a review once I get it home. Probably going to be 2 months-ish before I do because of its cost.

RSSwizard: Although the there are other rounds that shoot flatter and have a farther range on paper, there is no other caliber for hunting that has the .50 bmg’s energy. You can still take a large game animal at over 1500 yards with energy to spare. The 416 is marginal at moose for instance at that range if you go for pure energy versus animal comparisons. It is recommended to have at least 1000 ft*lbs of energy for elk, 1300 for moose for instance. The .50 still has 1300 at 2k yards with most hunting rounds….. Thus, it is actually a more effective round for what I want.

As for range: I have shot most of my large game animals (with modern firearm) at ranges over 500 yards. That is a normal shot considering where I grew up (central Wyoming and Nebraska). There is a lot of practice and skill that goes into shooting at distance, but that is all there is… Most people freak out if they are shooting over 200 yards. It is all in what you are used to and like to do. My current outside range is around the 800 yard mark because I am out of practice, but it wouldn’t take much to get back into it. Getting this and spending some trigger time on my .300 WBY will definitely take care of that.

This weapon system is usually “poo-poo’ed” by the .270/7mm/300WSM fan boys. That is why I would never own any one of those calibers. I would hate to fuel that bandwagon. Although the .270 and 7mm are basically the same thing, the .270 was originally designed for long range sheep/goat hunts. Just because it works on mid sized game animals at long range doesn’t mean that it is designed for larger sized game animals at that same distance. As far as that goes the 6.5×55 Swedish is much more capable than the paperwork shows and thus is a great moose cartridge. Maybe all those fanboys should sell off their goat-getters and get a real gun? Each caliber does whatever it was designed for. If I want 1500 ft*lbs of energy left after a 1500 meter flight, then I guess I have the right caliber then because nothing else does.

The .50 bmg was converted into a hunting round for many reasons and no other caliber will fit those requirements, thus I am getting one. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t like the taste of paper so I don’t have guns just meant to kill it. I want things that can actually take down game no matter what type it is.

Also, just so you know, you can get incendiary or AP rounds online for about $4 per…..