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I don’t have telemark equipment though did learn how to downhill ski a few years ago. Once I got the hang of downhill skiing I always carried my safety pack on the hill. I looked kind of strange clothed in wool and skiing with a pack. I didn’t really fit in with the downhill ski gang. (If you like downhill skiing Sunpeaks have some of the longest runs in North America.)


McConnell Lake is at over 4000ft of elevation. The lakes at our elevation (2500ft) are not safe yet. We will drive to McConnell Lake until the lower lakes are safe. We use an axe to cut through the ice and check on the thicken of the ice. Yesterday, it was over 6 inches thick on McConnell Lake. We also stay on the edge of the lake until we are sure of the safety. Lakes and ice can be dangerous but it’s just a matter of learning about the things to watch out for. I have a better chance of dying, driving to the lake!

We have a cross-country skiing area called Stake Lake, but we never use it. Too many people with bright colored, space-age snow suits! We like cutting our own trails and going our own way. We just don’t fit into that crowd.


We also like watching, and when we have time tracking, the animals at this time of year. Too many people isn’t good for tracking.