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Thanks, Tolik. That was very interesting video. Would the stopping power of a .22 caliber in a long gun be much better?

I have been stumping with a Pathfinder sling for about a year. I can hit a saucer size area at 25 feet but I’m not accurate at a greater distance because I don’t have a powerful draw. The arrow drops-off.

It’s a Pathfinder sling modified for using arrows. I like it because it is light and small can be shot both left and right handed. (I’m left-eyed dominant but everyone else in the family is right-eyed.) I don’t like the break-apart arrows.


I have a compound bow, which I find to be a monstrosity. I have never brought it into the woods and I can’t understand how anyone could hunt with the damn thing. I’m looking for sometime more simple and primitive like a recurve bow that I can carry easily in the woods.

Maybe I should make a monster sling shot like the guy in the video! :)