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@oldfatguy – I know right?
This was just my idea off of watching a youtube video about a man who uses a break action shotgun as a Muzzleloader. He loads up the shotgun shells just like he’s muzzle-loading, he knocks the old primer out and puts a fresh one in, he pours the powder, puts in a wad, puts in shot and another wad. So each one is technically been hand-loaded but its been done in a muzzleloading fashion. Could just keep using the same old shell casings over and over again.

But my question is, why not just use something like the 45-70. I saw a rifle for about $300 and thats not far off from the price of a shotgun. And a few boxes full of primers for a .45-70 plus a box of 50 rounds… and you would basically be set on that thing. Virtually any kind of .45 slug would do, including .45 muzzleloading projectiles. And the casing for a .45-70 is quite long and capable of accomodating non-standard loading (eg, bullet seated below the neck, wadding inserted, stuff like that).

You could also shoot subcaliber slugs just like a shotgun if you didnt care about range, seems kinda stupid to use a rifle that way but in that kind of survival situation if it works without blowing up on you – thats a gun that shoots. I also believe the rifle I saw is a breech-loader, which means that it doesnt matter how strong the load is, you could shoot a light load for small game.

I believe it was an H&R Handi-Rifle single shot in 45-70, gunbroker has em for $250 just looking it up real quick (the cautious aspect would be making sure you only used a safe amount of powder, as it always is in muzzleloading, and careful measurements are imperitive)