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It would be great to have a .50cal but…

These posts were from a forum at field & stream, and they are worthy of consideration because SHTF is a life and death (mostly death) situation, and you have the money right now to get ready for it. Selco would probably agree, or even debunk range consideration entirely.

On another site I saw a very wise comment about what they would do with a $2500 budget and they said buy a Mosin for $100 then buy $2400 worth of cheap ammo for it (spam cans for days).

This forum post was regarding what caliber was best for long range shooting (600+ yard shots)…

from MichiganDeerHunter wrote 5 years 3 months ago
“Outside of a 50-cal. military round, your best bet would probably be a 7mm-Rem Mag. The bullet’s weight and diameter are optimal for the least amount of drop for that kind of distance. Not sure where I read this, but it was in one of my reloading books. –Michigan Firearms Instructor”

from Ed J wrote 5 years 3 months ago
“I would suggest a .338/378 WBY. I have a friend that used one for several years now and he swears by it , I would swear by it.”

from Reid Jones wrote 5 years 3 months ago
“300 win mag.”

from JAReynolds19802003 wrote 5 years 3 months ago
“50 BMG works well. Wouldnt want to carry it though. 338 win mag and up works too. Jarrett Long Ranger, Lazzeroni Warbird or Titan anyone? First you must ask yourself are you really that good. I would think if you were that good you would have the caliber part worked out.”

from horseman308 wrote 5 years 3 months ago
“I’ve made a lot of 600 yard shots on the rifle range, and I can say for certain that I’m not comfortable shooting at game anywhere near that far. So, I’d second JAReynolds’ caution – there’s just way too much to go wrong at that range for most people to make that shot unless they practice it A LOT.”

from WA Mtnhunter, wrote 5 years 3 months ago
“If you are hell bent on taking 599 yard shots or better, I would suggest a .30-.378 Weatherby and a good orthopedic clinic. That is some tall shooting for all but the most accomplished marksman. Most folks can’t dope the wind away from the rifle range in elk country. Not that they can’t point and hold the rifle, they just don’t know where to point it! Wind drift at 600 yards is a mere 23 to 26 inches at that range for a 10 MPH crosswind. Most places I hae killed elk, that would be a rare day. In the mountains where most elk hang out, 20 to 30 MPH swirling cross winds are not too rare.”

from shane wrote 5 years 3 months ago
“First off, you need to practice hunting at reasonable ranges before you start shooting animals at 600 yards. Can you shoot 3 inch or better groups at 300 yards without a rest? You better be able to do this 100% if you expect to “hunt” at 600 yards….”

from 007 wrote 5 years 3 months ago
“Not to throw stones, but why would anybody want to shoot that far? Get closer.”