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@underground – Actually I dont buy it about the flooding, but I would say that here a 9.0 would level the bridges and bring down the buildings.

We have a tributary of the mississippi river (called the big muddy river) which flows a few miles from town but we’re high enough above it’s water table that any backup of the mississippi wouldn’t affect us, and we’re about 20 miles away from the river too, with a large ridgeline between us.

Im not concerned about New Madrid though, Mother Earth already decided she wasnt going to make it slip.

Im more concerned about Yellowstone (which affects you as much as it affects me), and also the breakdown of law and lack of resources following an economic collapse. Because of me being homeless I can’t prep, since I can barely even take care of myself as it is, and when the SHTF happens I will literally only have what I have right now (which means no food saved up, since im forced to buy my food every day or rely on soup kitchens to feed me). And because I dont have any money I cant buy a gun, even for my own current self protection. I have a cheap $1 folding knife from walmart which isnt completely sharp either – thats what I start the SHTF situation with.

Also in regard to new energy stuff, you should be looking into Vacuum Energy and the ability to channel it into a physical medium. Thats where OU is eventually going to go and if you can tap into something that doesnt even involve magnetism or electron flow as a starting point you will be a step ahead. What does that, I dont know, my guess would be it involves Crystals or it involves setting up a “field” and the field itself, because of its shape and properties, is what channels the energy in (im learning on the latter here).