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@WhiteKnight of course it would, since this is the alternative beliefs thread.

And I am a Master Sorcerer and Witch, who draws his power from inside himself, and has achieved physical immortality (well at least I wont ever get old, but I could still be killed). I can teach other people the stuff I know.

So the point of me being “offensive” to you is moot, thats why I didnt post in any normal threads, I posted in the alternative beliefs thread, because I have alternative beliefs.

I love how other people talk about religion in books written thousands of years ago, but they never put it to any real practical use, then someone like me uses magic and gets tangible real-world results out of it (that dont even deprive someone else of anything, creating win-win scenarios). A little bit more than faith or belief there, more like a survival skill, or even a science.

Rather than a book that just makes you sit back and hope, and restricts your activities because of fearful messages. Fear is the conman’s game.