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We don’t forgive the other guy for his benefit. We forgive the other guy to help heal our own wounds… We also must find a way to forgive ourselves for our part in the tragic story… This is much harder.

Any abuse of drugs, alcohol or prescription medication is just pain management. The pain may be in the body or in the mind. At first, it’s a good strategy and gives us time to find another way to manage the pain.

Some people say the best revenge is living a good life. Living a good life starts with forgiving others, then finding a way to forgive ourselves. Talking about tragic events does not help… For our minds, it’s like re-living the event. Avoid thinking or talking about the tragic events… because it is like re-living it again… and again… and again.

Move on. Find something to live for. Have the best revenge, and live a good life. :)