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Hi Whirlibird, I have a pretty tough skin, see the social workl side of me has been practicing in a lot of venues for forty yrs. I’ve practiced in halfway houses, in adult psychiatric wards, in disaster relief, with forensic settings, with sex offenders, addicts, alcoholics, persons who are mentally retarded, etc, etc, etc. Yes, my training & discipline is casework, with many different populations. loved most of it, even the angriest of clients & families who probably wanted To choke me on occasion. I did often have to abide by state laws, some good & other’s nonsensical. My favorite work has been with vets, police/fire/rescue after traumas, emergency management and most of all national disaster response.Most disaster response work was as a Red Cross volunteer in casework and as an EMT. I didn’t become an EMT until I was 58 & I volunteered with the local Rescue Squad. WHEW! This old lady was running calls with kids as young as 16-18 yrs old. I love the disaster work b/c my mother was a Red Cross vol for 4 yrs in Europe during WW 2, assigned to Gen. Omar Bradley’s Army Division. Additionally it’s a way for me to “pay back” those who helped me in ’85, when my home was flooded out with 3-4 feet of water. So, I am no longer a bleeding heart but a middle road moderate. I’ve had to take a hiatus in deployments b/c I came back from a month in Minot ND 2 yrs. ago major ortho problems which required a few surgeries. Now on the mend. I”m so glad I stumbled into this site. You can’t jump into the back of an ambulance if your feet hurt. So, you can just growl away & no hard feelings. I support gun ownership, law enforcement, our military (my youngest is in the Army, Combat Engineering), and I am very disturbed by the whole Ferguson mess. Thugs and anarchists should not rule the day. Continue to share

"When opportunity knocks......
some people object to the noise"