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stingray, I’ve thought about that and hope it isn’t the case, but I think its more a matter of no impulse control. He never had any as a kid and with his parents being attorneys they were quick to go on the offensive with the schools or anybody else that tried calling him on his behavior. Heck, they’d get mad at me when I’d tell him no at my own house. One example. When he was 3 or 4 they were at our house for a pool party. I had steps which were just slate set in pea stone leading up to the pool area from the driveway. He’s throwing the stones into the lawn and I tell him to stop. He does, and goes over to a young tree I had planted and is bending it back and forth to the point it was maybe going to snap. I tell him to stop, and my brother tells me I just told him he couldn’t throw the stones and now I tell him he can’t bend the tree, I need to let him do one or the other. I tell him no I don’t, he can’t do either, he has every toy known to man here to play with (my son’s stuff) plus the pool. This is how he grew up, and after my brother died I thought maybe I could save him, but I can’t. His mother knows he doesn’t know how to make good decisions and is trying to help but isn’t so good at it herself. She’s been coming to me looking for advice of late herself.