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Brulen, he had really bad role models growing up. Though both his parents were attorneys they were really bad making decisions. One small example. At the very beginning of this process I had to help him get a bank account because he had already mucked up his finances that badly. In talking to him about how to restore his credit, he was completely surprised to hear that people with good credit pay their bills on time every time. He had never heard that before. Knowing he was coming into a lot of money, I spent a lot of time trying to teach him how to manage money. He pissed it away in only 2 years. This was more money than most people will ever see or accumulate in their lives. When I recently learned the money was all gone, I made it clear to him he won’t be getting any from me regardless of whether he’s being evicted, need to pay his child support, or needs to be bailed out. I told him don’t even ask.