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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>c wrote:</div>Here’s my 11lb (5kg) child’s day pack on a morning ski on a local lake today. It’s small and easy to carry. I also carry a small fanny pack that has my Swiss army knife and survival knife.

I take it anytime I could get into trouble in the woods, which is anytime I go into the woods!


Do you telemark with your pack on C? Skiing in the woods makes me nervous on trails. I have a lot of downhill ski experience but my technique on x-c skies in the woods gets sloppy. The more pack weight on the back really gives my knees a workout. Your temps are much colder than ours here. I live near a lake and its not even close to having ice. With luck 4-5 weeks of very cold weather. I won’t chance it on ice otherwise. I’m not taking the polar bear plunge if I can help it. I have a grappling hook and rope if I need it but its better to ski in pairs.