I’ve been one to comment negatively about so-so services over the years.
Arguably with some reason, I’ve literally only met one ‘good’ social worker, and she didn’t last long.
The rest were promoted to their highest level of incompetence and seemed self-empowered to an almost alcoholic level with their assumed power. Most times I had to deal with out local offices, I was trying to keep the people involved from being victimized more by our local workers then the criminals had done.
Making up laws and rules as it fit them, letting personal vendettas play into the assistance given and more.
So after all that, let me apologize in advance for any comments and such that I may put forth later.

This really is a good group, with lots of practical experience and knowledge to share and the information to back up what they say.

Prepper or survivalist? I guess that all depends on your perspective.
Personally prepping is what I do, but not just for survival. It’s just a word for getting ready to do something, I do a lot of prepping in the kitchen before dinner.

Survivalists/Survivalism has a permanent black eye thanks to certain criminal elements and situations.
That doesn’t mean that this isn’t what we are. We are planning and prepping to survive.

Again, welcome.