I would look at the ‘soldiers skills’ carefully.
Most do not lend themselves to civilian methods or needs.

I would agree with Malgus, getting information and training from former commando members, at least as far as tactics and fighting go, remembering also that these tactics are designed around groups, and resupply which most won’t have.

You might also try to locate former Rhodie farmers and defense/security members for a different viewpoint. The years living under embargo, and constant terrorist activities gives a different viewpoint than you’d get from other places. Limited supplies, questionable resupply, constantly outnumbered, it is well worth a look.

There are any number of training styles, methods and tools out there. Some are highly effective, but limited to certain situations.
Others are more generic and useful across the board.

Having been to and through a number of training classes, I take what i have learned and have condensed it all into my classes. Are my classes different from what Travis Haley puts on, very much so. He has a military background, mine is police. The difference in gear, tactics and styles are highly noticeable.

Look around and find training that fits your needs and abilities. A good instructor will train to your skill level not just the ‘group’.
A great instructor will build the class around your needs and abilities, not just some package deal.

A good 20% of my students are special needs, either from injury or age. They want and need the training and knowledge but can’t do the John Woo rolls, or carry a molle plate carrier with 12 magazines on it. And bluntly, most of us don’t need the ‘operator’ classes either, as fun as they are, blasting off hundreds of rounds of ammo and running around like some blackwater wannabe.

Being an instructor, I am highly critical of other instructors. In part because so many don’t base their training in reality but some call of duty fantasy.

Were I down there, I’d get a sports shooters certification, an AR15 or R1, and may John Browning forgive me, an H&K or Glock 9mm pistol or three. And get as much practical training as I could find.