Thats where good planned timing and a full auto AK come in . Happens in war all the time , a bad or over zealous officer gets ” fraged ” in his tent by his own men . Expect infighting , especially if a situation drags on for a while and things dont go well or as planned . Leaders may change rapidly . Think gangs , rather than soldiers , because the training and discipline will not be there with the vast majority of groups .

Agree. When SHTF everything get new dimension, and things change, words adapt or die are good for that.
Violence is not good, but it is necessary sometimes, point is to recognize when it is necessary.

People often make mistake choosing the violence as a first option. Today I would always avoid violence if I have any other option, maybe even if that means that I would run away.
Now that s look wrong maybe for someone, but point is that when you do violence you need to pay price for that.
I am not talking only about risk of getting wounded or killed, but also about changing yourself.

You will pay price for doing violence, emotionally, it will kick you back, sometimes after the years.
Not to mention fact that after long time of doing violence you may change your opinion about it completely, you may “embrace” it on wrong way.

In the other hand, when it is necessary I will do it without hesitation and with full force, just like I did it before, and somehow I gonna live with that again.

People are nice when times are nice, and we are being “hold together” by society, laws ,system of punishment etc.
When that fails most of the people turn to lower state, violence then becoming tool for everything.