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74 – I made them from horse manure simply because it was easiest. With the winter begun, I bring the horses in to the barn twice a day, groom them, check their feet, feed a bit of grain and then blanket and/or un-blanket them. Of course, as soon as they hit a stall they poop and pee like crazy even in a short amount of time. So….easy collection. I’d have to go out in the fields and collect cow manure.

Apparently it doesn’t matter which is used, although cow manure reeks to handle it. There is a guy developed a machine that makes bricks and is selling them (much like the compressed sawdust bricks you can buy)

Of yeah, I LMAO when I saw the ads for the ‘Northern Manure Expo’ – who knew.
In some countries you see them stuck, drying all over everything, including trees. In my old age it might be easier than lugging wood!

Here’s a couple of pictures off the net

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