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Toby C – I have a pool, it’s winter and there is no way I would drink my pool water without boiling it first or running it through one of my purifiers. It is not being circulated so no oxygen is being added to it either. Mice, the odd snacks and other things some how always find their way in there under the cover and die. Unh. It is loaded with ‘shock’ at the moment, the ph is out of whack, so it is not a thick green/black soup when it is opened back up in the spring.

When we had a storm a few years ago before I got the solar generator to run the well pump, we did need to use the pool water. But it was summer, the water was chlorinated, ph balanced, and the solar equipment I use in it kept it skimmed and circulated. I still ran it through a purifier. Always better safe then sorry with water.

Here’s what the government says: ‘You should always view your pool as “backup” water; keep the water treated; you never know when it will be needed! The maintenance of the free chlorine residual will prevent establishment of any microorganisms. The maintenance level should be kept about 3-5ppm free chlorine. (See Water Purification for detailed information on purifying pool water.) If other stored water stocks are not available, remove the necessary pool water and boil it or just treat with chlorine to the normal 5ppm. It is best to err on the side of caution.

Covering the pool at all times when not in use is a very good idea. Try to keep the cover clean and wash the area you put it on when removing it from the pool.’

One bad episode in SAmerica years ago (I avoided the water but forgot about the ice in a drink and wasn’t sure I’d live to regret it)) makes me overly cautious with water.