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Toby C – I agree with you. I would not only starve to death on C’s rations, but more importantly, if I were on the move I couldn’t put together anything to eat quickly. Beans and lentils really need to soak before you can cook them (which takes a while) and rice isn’t fast either. If I were planning on lugging 6 pounds of food with me and bugging out it would be freeze dried and dehydrated food that is light weight, reconstitutes and can cook quickly. Plus…for me…actually make stuff I would want to eat. We use ‘em when we go on long trail rides ( 7/10 days)

Something like:
freeze dried/dehydrated potatoes, rice,eggs, milk powder, beef, chicken , apples, almonds, ghee and small spice/dried veg packs plus powdered drink energy mixes

Heck you can get 7 days worth of freeze-dried ready made meals you can make in minutes by just adding hot water – weight about 6-10 pounds depending on what it is, eat something edible, make it quickly without having to have much of a fire to draw attention to yourself.

But that’d be me.