I would prefer to live with people that are peaceful and resolve their problems in a respectful manner. – Leopard

So would most people who live in civilized countries.

However, the playing field is not even. Only one side plays by the rules. The other is given a free pass.

These days, whites are told we are guilty of everything. Every hurt, real or imagined, throughout history – we are told that it is our fault. Guilt is heaped upon us. Our ability to empathize with others is being used against us. Vast mountains of treasure are guilted out of whites, apparently in an effort to “make up” for thousands of years of us being such horrible people… we are also forbidden to form ethnic-only groups consisting of whites of European extraction, forbidden to advocate for ourselves, forbidden to even talk about such things… if the subject is broached, the conversation quickly devolves into “Reductio ad Hitlerum”…

In fact, in America these days, being called a “racist” is worse than being accused of being a pedophile or a murderer… just because you might – or might not – share the same opinion as someone else…

Generations of us have been told to not fight back. To not take a stand against thuggery and criminality. Just give them what they want, and they’ll go away.

Taking care of criminals? That’s a job for the “police”, not you. You can’t even be trusted with weapons more dangerous than a pointy stick. Weapons are for the government, their paid goons and the “police”… Too bad the “police” are the best organized and most well-funded criminal gang in most countries. They work for the political elite and themselves. Not you. You are a cow to be milked, then disposed of when beyond use.

Those of us who realize the shakedown for what it is and bell the cat are accused of all sorts of things – the worst being “racist”. It is the same as accusing someone in 16th century Salem of being a “witch”.

Any time one of us righteously defends ourselves against any of the “protected” class of alleged minorities with violence, we are automatically considered guilty – of racism, if nothing else – in their eyes and are excoriated in the mainstream press. The fact that the mainstream press is populated and dominated by Social Marxists and others of their ilk is lost on most people. They control the narrative. Truth does not matter, nor justice, nor righteousness. The ones running the Government, the Media and the Universities are the same people who tried to burn it all down back in the 1960’s. They have moved into – and taken over – the very institutions they excoriated 40 years ago.

“It’s just stuff! Just give it to them, and they’ll go away!”

That’s partially true. It is just stuff. But what about your dignity? Anything you are not willing to fight to defend can hardly be said to exist.

I carry a concealed weapon all the time. Legally. There is always a firearm close to hand here on the Doomstead. If I leave the house, I am carrying. That is an immutable law, carved in stone.

I have no desire to shoot anyone. But at the same time, I have no compunction against shooting anyone if they mean me and my loved ones harm, and I absolutely refuse to put the fate of me and mine into the hands of a criminal or thug who has already shown a complete lack of respect for any social contracts and the law. Nor will I rely on the police – dial for help, like I’m ordering a pizza? Nope. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

Rely on the tender mercies of the thugs? Heh… good one.

That said, I will sleep perfectly fine at night and to hell with who sets the narrative or what they have to say…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1