Violence is the way of man.

There isn’t a one of us here who doesn’t sleep better at night knowing that there are men out there willing and able to do so in our behalf.

Violence has created the most advances, brought about positive change, kept the wolves at bay. When violence is abandoned by one side only, we see failure and the decent into anarchy.

Ferguson MO, the police and NG backed off, the town burned.
LA riots, only the places where the store owners defended themselves were safe.
Rhodesia, they were forced to give up, nearly 35 years later the decent into hades continues.
South Africa, following Rhodesia.

We all dream of peace but must understand that without both the threat and the violence itself, there can never be a lasting peace.

As to the distant past, I’m ot going to apologize or make excuses for it. The past is a different place, they do things differently there. We cannot look at the past through our eyes, be cause we are not the same people, don’t have the same viewpoints or education/knowledge.

Looking at various places, such as SA and Rhodesia, we can observe the changes since their fall.
Rhodesia, the crown jewel, breadbasket and first world country now is slightly below cesspool level. Schools and medical facilities that were some of the best in the world, for everyone, are now laughable.
Farms and property are stolen daily, the constitution is written in pencil, and infrastructure is now 30+ years in the hole.
This is what you get when you give in to the terrorists.
When you give into the mobs.
When you give up the fight.