3% of the Swiss voluntarily eat cats and dogs?

I smell something…

I seriously doubt this. In fact, I doubt it so much, I think it is an outright lie invented to further a political agenda (which has never happened in the history of mankind, since forever. /snark). Especially when one considers the source of the “fact”…

But, even if true, there’s this –> “”Around three percent of the Swiss secretly eat cat or dog,” said Tomi Tomek, founder and president of animal protection group SOS Chats Noiraigue.

If it’s secret, then how do you know about it? Or even if your figures are correct? Anyone can make up anything, then insist it’s “secret” to explain a distinct lack of proof.

And this –> “According to the Food Safety and Veterinary Office, you are not allowed to sell dog or cat meat but it is legal for people to eat their own animals.”

Okay, if it is illegal to sell dog or cat meat, then how do you explain this statement? –> “Cat appears on traditional Christmas menus in some areas of Switzerland. It is often cooked for the festive season in a similar way to rabbit – with white wine and garlic.”

This would qualify as “buying and selling dog and cat meat”. You can’t say something is illegal, then turn around and say it’s being sold openly – on restaurant menus.

The Swiss are some of the most law-abiding folks I know. Tiny country – limited resources – lots of people.. they have to be, just to have made it this far… I cannot imagine them flagrantly violating the law like that.

Considering the source and the wording on the petition, we have this –> “A petition with 16,000 signatures has been handed to the Swiss parliament, calling for the government to stop people eating “domestic animals”.

Question: Having seen über-greenies, anti-humanists and eco-whackjobs at work here in the US, who here thinks that the definition of “domestic animals” will stay the same?

Uh huh…

It is totally within the realm of possibility that they get to write the definition of “domestic animals” that people are forbidden to eat. And once passed, that definition will be incrementally increased in scope over time until it encompasses almost everything… I can hear the arguments now… “Can a rabbit be considered a “domestic animal” or a pet? Sure. What about livestock? Can someone have a “pet” cow? Sure.

It’s the same incremental nonsense that’s going on here in the US with regards to almost every traditional freedom we have ever enjoyed… I could cite examples to backstop this point, but in the interest of brevity, I’ll take a pass…

This “petition” is the camel’s nose under the tent. The Swiss would be wise not to pass it.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1