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C- Yes – the whole subject of food has become crazy. The food and cooking shows people talk about amaze me. Recipes everywhere. This diet, that diet – geez. Enough to make your head spin. Oh I know you aren’t trying to convert anyone C – I am happy you have found what works best for your body, lifestyle and medical conditions.

I do know about the old ecotourism mentality a bit thanks to a friend a while ago. I figure the stuff was put here for a reason and as long as I am respectful, grateful and take only what I need it’s ok. Now of course I ‘give back’ and make some things ‘better’ by virtue of what I do – at least I think so…making land more ‘alive’/productive…conserving parts/wetlands etc, helping wild life.

Hmmm. The Swiss are so pretty wrapped people. I never would have guessed dog/cat eating was a large or pervasive tradition. Maybe it is most prevalent with older folks? I was never offered such in Switzerland at anyone’s home…never saw on a menu…but who knows. No idea if she will get much support…my concept of the Swiss is the less govt the better but who knows?