About ten years ago, while stopped at a stop-light, a car behind mine literally exploded in flames… it was about 11:00 on a Sunday night, relatively empty streets… the passengers inside (a Mexican family with four little ones in the back) were trapped… I put my car in park, jumped out and ran back to their car. The fire had engulfed the front of the car, and the entire family were just staring at the flames, in shock. They couldn’t move. I grabbed the passenger side door, yanked it open… got the parents in the front seat out, then the kids in the back… everyone was ok, though the car burned to the ground.
Nobody stopped to help; they just drove by, like it was nothing. A few weeks later, a client of mine (executive from an IT company) mentioned something in front of my wife, “wasn’t that you with the burning car, last month?” I said yeah, and there was no more mention of it… I’d thought he was a good guy… very “Christian,” very religious. Yet he- like everyone else that night- did nothing. The point is that decency is already a rare thing, and we haven’t even gotten to SHTF!

After SHTF, decency will be


and this is where Selco’s advice comes into play: In SHTF situation, it’s quite simple: Your family relies on YOU for survival, and there is nobody else to support them if you’re dead…. so while it would feel terrible to walk away from someone who is fatally injured, you MUST if it means the safety of your family…