“Simply, violence is sometimes necessary”


I hear individuals of various stations in life say things like “Violence never solved anything”.

This is a blatant lie. This country was founded in violence. So was yours. Violence – and the threat of violence – is used to defend country, hearth, home and loved ones, not to mention yourself. Violence is used to obtain food – ie: the shooting and killing of game animals or, in the case of cattle, pigs, etc, they are either clubbed in the head with a sledgehammer or shot behind the ear with a bolt.

In a SHTF scenario, you can’t stand there and say “If you take my stuff, kidnap my wife and children and burn my house down, I’m really not going to like you!”… What will that accomplish? Someone shows up with the intention of stealing your stuff, kidnapping your wife and children and burning down your house, you shoot the bastard and anyone with him…

People don’t pay taxes out of the goodness of their hearts. They pay their taxes because if they don’t, lots of men dressed like ninjas and armed to the teeth will show up in REALLY BIG TRUCKS, kick their way into the house, clap you in hand irons and drag you off to the Stoney Lonesome… if you resist, well, those guns are not just for show… resist, and they will kill you.

Look at Ferguson. The mob rampaged because the police removed the threat of violence. Compounding that fact was that no store or home owner who had their livelihood burned to the ground and destroyed bothered to stand up for themselves and defend what was theirs with force – violence and the threat of violence. The police were not going to do anything, and the mob treated them with contempt – rampaging and burning until they got tired..

Violence is necessary sometimes… people who have no problem wielding it when required shouldn’t be excoriated or looked down upon…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1