@ 74,

I read that screed you linked to.

ALL OF IT, completely unsubstantiated slander. It is written, obviously, by some homosexual Beta male who doesn’t like Mr. Donovan, nor his writings.

Only instead of rebutting the points Mr. Donovan makes, he resorts to ad hominem attacks. He offers no proof whatsoever – just hurls accusations because, in his pea brain, accusing Mr. Donovan – who admittedly does not like homosexuals – of being a homosexual seems – to him – to be the worst insult he can think up…

It is as I said in my last post – just the “You don’t like homosexuals, so you must be one” argument, only rewarmed over for the zillionth time. Only this time by some Beta male with a blog…

I don’t happen to like homosexuals either. I’ve referred to them using some pretty colorful language because what they do disgusts me to the core… That does not make me one.

This —> “I have long been of the opinion that you should never trust anyone who puts and adjective in front of man, manhood or masculinity. Because every time you hear that, what you are really hearing is control, and never by people that should be entrusted with power over inanimate objects, much less human beings. Graveyards are full of men who failed to understand this.”

News flash. Times have changed. People have not.

Let’s turn the spotlight on Mr. Beta.

No matter what this Beta thinks about ‘control’, sooner or later someone – usually a male – will rise to lead (this means CONTROL) his particular group/tribe/country. Mr. Beta also apparently does not like to be judged by other males in the group. Too bad. Being judged by other males – and being found worthy – is how human males establish themselves in male culture. It’s just the way it is and always has been. Being judged by other males in my group – in this case, soldiers – and found worthy of inclusion and respect is how I measure my worth in life.

Mr. Beta seems to think that if he is judged by other males in the group, he might be found not worthy of inclusion into the group…

And he’s right. But, that’s his problem. Not mine.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1